Directions/Travel Tips

Directions to Frog & Fern

POLICE ROAD BLOCKS: Please do not be intimidated by the many road blocks. Nothing sinister is behind it – just a simple money collecting exercise. To speed you on your way, without paying (illegal) fines just take these three vital tips 1) Smile and be friendly at all times 2) If asked to produce any document, including your license FIRST ask politely for the FORCE NUMBER and STATION of the officer. Jot it down 3) Produce you license for visual inspection. Please feel free to PRINT the following advisory from the Chimanimani Tourist Association to keep in your vehicle: ZRP Roadblocks

From Harare: Distance 420km on tar and 2.2km on dirt to your cottage. Once in Mutare turn right at the Main Street – this is the Chimanimani Road. Travel 68km out of Mutare and turn left at the Wengezi Junction. Be ready to pay US$1.00 road toll approximately 35km out of Mutare. From Wengezi you have 80km to go. When crossing the Mvumvumvu River, be sure to avoid taking the left fork which indicates Cashel.

From Bulawayo: Distance 560km and 2.2km on dirt to your cottage. From Bulawayo go via Masvingo.

From Masvingo: Distance 278km and 2.2km on dirt to your cottage. Coming out of Masvingo take the Birchenough Bridge road. It is also signed for Mutare. The distance to Birchenough Bridge is 170km. Take special care with speed limits through Birchenough town as the cops enthusiastically part you from your money there. Cross the most impressive bridge in Zimbabwe and 3km later turn right to Chipinge. Travel 42km to reach the Chimanimani turn off which goes left. Now 37km of car sick inducing bends will take you to Skyline Junction where you turn right and drive 19km into Chimanimani village.

Chimanimani Village Map

From Chimanimani: Distance 2.2km on poor dirt. Turn left off the Mutare main tar road into Chimanimani village passing the bus stop (see the green roofed A Frame and all the mini-buses  on your right and Chimanimani Hotel on your left.) Slow right down and look around –  take the right fork which leads to the MOBIL Petrol Station being on your right. Turn left directly opposite the Petrol Station.  By now you should be seeing the green and white signs indicating Bridal Veil Falls and Frog & Fern and the Police. You will pass the Msasa Cafe on your right.  The tar changes to dirt and you meet a sharp right hand bend with signs to Bridal Veil & Frog and Fern indicating to go RIGHT following the road. Drive up the hill PASSING BY the Police Station  sign which indicates left. (See the ZRP sign in black)  After the ZRP sign the road becomes truly nasty. In the dry season it has 4 inches of fine red dust covering rocks and in the wet season that is mud. You may want to engage your 4 wheel drive although most residents go up and down this thankfully short, rough stretch daily in sedan cars…. This little hill is steep and  rough for about 300 metres – it can be a slippery little devil but your destination is nigh and the road levels out again to a reasonable surface pretty quickly.  Frog& Fern is on the right side of the road, just after the sign for Kweza.