Paintings by Dee Schafer

Spotted Eagle Owls

After several months back home in Chimanimani Dee has finally managed to get back to work in her studio attic. Having commissions with deadlines has helped! But also the cottages are now reasonably improved so her plumbing, electrical and general handyman skills can rest up for a month or two.

These owls were ringed on the abseiling ledge at Marula Environmental Education Centre in Tala Private Game Reserve in 2007. Whilst we worked at Tala in Kwazulu Natal Dee was lucky enough to work alongside  emminent Ornithologist Dr. Barry Taylor for four years. During this time she was able to fully indulge her love of birds, handling, ringing, phographing and  painting them. This painting of baby owls was entered in the inaugral BBC World Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition and took her all the way through to the last three in the category “Visions of Nature”

Entabeni Lion

Dee works in watercolour as well as Conte, painting wildlife as well as flora and landscapes. Whilst we were at Horizon Horseback Safaris in Limpopo she sold much of her work to Riders from all over the world. She has a Leopard in Zurich, Wild Dogs in the New Forest, several Lions in Paris, Eagle Owls in New York, another leopard in Australia and the list goes on. Happily she has also recently sold some Egrets to discerning art lovers in Harare…

Weeping Boer Bean

Thanks for the enthusiastic response to this Page.  Dee is still busy painting so  O.K then, as requested – here  are some more.

*  F&F – Means the painting is still unsold and hanging at Frog & Fern.

"Painted" Dogs sold at Essence of WIld Dogs Exhibition

African Wild Dog

Greeting the returning hunter

Cape Eagle Owls *F&F

Lions F&F

Wild Proteas - Chimanimani F&F

Lundi River Gona re Zhou F&F

Into the Night. F&F

Corner Chimanimani F&F

Fever Trees F&F

Chacma Baboons

Elephants below Chilojo

Baby White Rhino

Cape Eagle Owl *F&F

Bateleur *F&F

Eagle Owl

Pygmy Geese *F&F

Winterbush Waterburg *F&F

Serval for Valerie

Leopard for Dave


Reed Cormorant * F&F

Entabeni *F&F

Cape Vulture

The Babysitter

Kariba African Fish Eagle

Wild Dogs Andrew & Sara

King of Beasts

Feeding the Pups F&F

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9 Responses to Paintings by Dee Schafer

  1. Margie Walter says:

    Wow! I’m gobsmacked by your paintings! Absolutely LOVE the “Weeping Boer Bean” – colour, design etc, ect. WELL DONE and keep on painting!

  2. Richard Stobard says:

    I greatly enjoyed my too short stay at Frog & Fern esp. being surounded by your marvellous paintings Dee. Sorry not to have met you. Can I ask the price of the Cape Vulture please? I would need it without the frame as I am travelling back to USA. Thanks – Richard Stobard

  3. Zoa Blackford says:

    I enjoyed seeing all Dee’s paintings on your site: her work just gets better and better. I liked especially the Wild Dogs, and the Pygmy Geese. Look forward to seeing more.

  4. Diane Loria says:

    A Big Hug hello Dee – so stunning to write your wepage and blog …..just fabulous to see what you both have achieved …to read about the horse especially Jade and High Price – had tears in my eyes …..please send Jane my love . Your paintings have just got better and better – I love them all . Would love to stay in touch .miss you lots xxx

  5. Elaine Lamb says:

    Very beautiful paintings, Dee.
    Don’t stop!!

  6. Ian Yin says:

    Fantastic artwork!!

  7. David says:

    What a great place to stay and surrounded by Dee’s artwork. So good I had to buy a water colour of Wild Dogs.
    Jane and Dee were great hosts and the cottages are a beautiful and restful oasis

  8. Gill Dilmitis ex bindura +nagle House now in Paris says:

    Wonderful to see your art work Dee
    Would love to see the originals too
    Perhaps a trip to Chimanimani is what I need to organise
    Thank you

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