A mountainous 2018 in Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe made headlines world wide in November last year.  And what exactly did the world see? Overjoyed Zimbabweans in our thousands on the streets. A united nation for the first time in 100 years. It was a very, very special time to be a Zimbabwean.

And now we get down to the business of rebuilding our nation. And have we got the material with which to do this? In spades! Endowed with the most spectacular of natural assets; the mighty Zambezi, the one and only quartzite mountain range of Chimanimani, dip down to the lowest point in Zimbabwe, Gona re Zhou with the Chilojo Cliffs, onward to  the mysterious and awe inspiring Great Zimbabwe. Matopos, Honde valley, Bvumba, Chirinda Forest,  the variety of this list means we have something amazing for everyone.

These assets will bring visitors from every corner of the world. And I have yet to mention our greatest asset…the one the world saw on their TV screens in November. The Zimbabwean people. A population which has with great patience and dignity withstood so much over so many years. To every person who watched with interest as we sang and danced in the streets, we now extend a warm Zimbabwean welcome.

Come and visit, we see you as an honored guest who comes here to be  a part of the rebuilding of our wonderful country, Zimbabwe.

Chilojo Elliestim5

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