Remember “Solvitur ambulando” for 2017.

Walking in Chimanimani

A Black cuckoo mournfully sang “I’m soooo sad” –  competing with  the buoyant, lively trilling of a pair of Paradise Flycatchers.  A fresh breeze, scudding clouds. Sunshine, green, green Msasa and the squelch of a ripe Mzanje underfoot.  You had to be in Chimanimani to enjoy the first sunrise of 2016,  with all of these things.

Happily for us at Frog & Fern our first day of the new year was a busy one  –   13 Polish visitors and a pair of Indonesians. We have never hosted Poles before – these folk were cheerful, fit and well organized. With juice dripping down their cheeks they joyously expressed how delicious our fruit tastes and  how cheap it is!  They were tucking into locally bought mangoes, lady finger bananas and bright orange pineapples. Our Indonesian couple could only talk about how much space we all have, the wonderful waterfalls and plants. I was surprised – I thought Indonesia had these things in abundance. Not so they said, 175 million people and they live cheek by jowl and have decimated  a place which once had the highest biodiversity in the natural world. They extended their stay, swam in every waterfall they found, walked and walked – true walkaholics.

Swimming in the cool waters of Chimanimani

In the camp-site our Swiss friends had returned for the third time in three years – bringing us wonderful chocolate and generally spoiling us rotten. I took them to Corner…

"Solvitur ambulando" - Marcel discovers Corner

So today the first day of 2016 my resolution is to “WALK MORE.” One can think and walk, talk and walk, listen, look and walk – with friends and family, your dog  or even with a golf club in hand, hitting your way around the walk. Unless you believe in that saying “the best way to spoil a good walk is to play golf”.

Chimanimani Golf Course - nearby Frog & Fern Cottages

Yes we do have a golf course in Chimanimani.

Walking paradise - Chimanimani.

And then there is that familiar moment of putting on a pair of walking shoes, whilst the dogs whine in excitement – hurrying you.

Dogs know better than all of us “solvitur ambulando” – It is solved by walking….

Dino...walking in Chimanimani.

Sharing the joys of friendship and walking

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