Mountains of Mood

Wishing you  Happy Christmas.  May you walk these mountains in 2016!

As the sun goes down on 2015 in Chimanimani - December clouds

2015 is all but gone. Every morning the mountains have stood beyond the village, unmoved by our trivial and transient lives.

And each day, if you took the time to look to them, you could be moved by the spectacle of quartzite mountains, mountains of mood.

I am often surprised how a mere glimpse of them has calmed my anxious mind. Slowed the trite thoughts, brought worthwhile reflection.

September - Chimanimani and Msasa time

Sometimes you see something truly special and if you walk in these mountains be prepared for  physical challenge and  spiritual renewal.

Hiking in the Chimanimani

Eland Sanctuary - Chimanimani

Moon Mountain

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