The patience of a scientist

Kurrichane Thrush. Busy checking under those leaves - for breakfast.

How lucky were we, at Frog & Fern this August? Hailing from Belgium and staying in Mzanje cottage for ten days with his wife and teenage daughter was marine biologist Hans Hillewaert. One could not help but appreciate this special family. Was it their love of reading quietly, the hours they spent talking and laughing together,  their attention to the  finest details of their surroundings? Or was  it  their remarkable ability to see stuff, I mean REALLY SEE stuff? From studying the variety of  lichens on our Msasa trees, or noting the special gentleness of our blind German Shepherd Dog, to finding the busiest tree in the garden and patiently photographing birds until they caught them in sharp focus,  in the daily task of surviving a lean winter.

In the garden at Frog & Fern Cottages - Miombo Rock Thrush - female. How to break open this beetle? Photograph by Hans Hillewaert.

I am going to let the photos that Hans kindly gave us, do the talking now. Enjoy!

Miombo Double Collared Sunbird

Miombo Rock Thrush - The pair visit Frog & Fern garden every day.

White bellied Sunbird helping himself to silk

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