Where will your road lead you?

Exploring the Eland Sanctuary, Chimanimani.

Visitors to Chimanimani can be described as being hugely varied but invariably interesting, as well as active people.   Now that the rains have stopped they are out exploring in 4×4’s or stepping off a mini-bus, ragged and courageous. Some drive in with diplomatic plates and energetic kids, others for a romantic weekend. Almost all have a sense of adventure.

Never walk without your camera in Chimanimani. You will miss something special if you do.

Active and independent minded people, some bring good books and their dog, some carry binoculars and bird books, some are loaded with  braai packs, beers and good friends  – almost all  have a camera and a back pack of some description.

Helene from France takes the Frog & Fern pack (including cat Benji) for walk.

And when they reach Chimanimani there is plenty to do. Hiking in the mountains is the main course but the side dishes on offer are unlimited.

Always take your camera. Winter is ALOE time in Chimanimani. This is Aloe arborescens.

Just recently we had Helene and Chris (he from Oz, she from France) who camped for a week, taking our animals walking every day. Unfazed by getting lost on day 1 – Helene flagged down a mini bus, all dogs on board while Chris sat in the bush with a very miffed little black cat. We have seen many things at Frog & Fern…but never our pack arriving in the dark by mini bus!

Benji was with Chris and Helene when they got lost - they did not abandon him though! They came home eventually by car....

Half an hour later we rescued Chris and Benji and everyone settled down to a good sleep after a walk to remember!

Many folks wish to meet some young Zimbabweans and a few days before Chris and Helene, were Kurt and Allison (from Canada). They played a round of golf with Cyclone, Tim and Bright of Matsetso Youth Club – Kurt said it was the most enjoyable 18 holes he has ever played!

Cyclone Tees off at Number 5 - Look out sheep!

And he was amazed at the quality of their golf.

Kurt tees off at Number 3 with Cyclone looking on.

Kurt played golf with three lads from Matsetso Youth Club.

Kurt and Allison then took the time to open a small window for the children to learn something of  the lives of Canadians –  showing them photos of  the snow  and the “fall leaves”, spring time,  boats at the harbour,  their family,  their home in Vancouver and so much more. It was a very special day to be in Chimanimani.

Allison and Kurt from Vancouver chatting with kids from Matsetso Youth Club, Chimanimani.

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